Khaled Mosharraf Trust (KM) is a non-profitable, non-political and non-governmental registered charitable organization established by Mahjabeen Khaled. It is merely devoted to the cause of Liberation war-based research, charity and social welfare as well. KM was established in the memory of Major General Khaled Mosharraf who was arguably the most valiant of the military leaders of Bangladesh War of Independence.

During the liberation war of 1971. Three brigades were formed to fight the Pakistani army. These are: Z Force, K Force and S Force. Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Mosharraf was the commander-in-chief of ‘K’ force. He also served as the sector commander of Sector 2 of the Liberation Army during the Liberation war. For his outstanding contribution to the War of Liberation, he was conferred as ‘Bir Uttam’ by Bangladesh Government. The heroic freedom fighter was later killed by some unscrupulous army officers in an army coup organized on 6th November, 1975. 

After the army coup and death of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975, Dictator Ziyaur Rahman intentionally tried several time to change or manipulate the history of liberation war. His followers and BNP government continuously ran various propaganda about liberation war and contribution of the martyrs. But after coming into power, Awami League Government take various steps to exhibit the true history of liberation war.    

Since the establishment of Khaled Mosharraf Trust, it has been doing research work on Bangladesh Liberation War, the history of the Liberation War and the freedom fighters. Moreover, Khaled Mosharraf trusts take numerous programs, comprising meetings and seminars on national days. Khaled Mosharraf Trust conducts various activities to help freedom fighters, including spreading the spirit of the Liberation War among the juveniles.       

Our primacies comprise:

  • To inform everyone about the history of the Liberation War.
  • Raise consciousness about the liberation war.
  • Build up a generation accurately knowing about Liberation War. 
  • Running various research based work on Liberation War.
  • Assisting to freedom fighters and advocating behalf of them.
  • Prevent propaganda about Liberation War. 

WE ARE COMMITTED TO Unveil the True History of Liberation War

Khaled Mosharraf Trust has been working together to provide accurate information about Liberation War. The Trust portrays the true image of the Liberation War, highlighting the true stories of various liberation war and freedom fighters. Several research programs are being conducted by Khaled Mosharraf Trust on the history of the Liberation War.


Khaled Mosharraf Trust is committed to spreading the spirit of liberation war among people of every level. The Trust organizes various campaigns and seminars to raise awareness among the people about the Liberation War.


Khaled Mosharraf Trust is working to build the present and the next generation into the spirit of the Liberation War. Khaled Mosharraf Trust provides various workshops and training to inform the present generation about the Liberation War.

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