COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic

As Ramadan approaches, we all have to stand together in this moment of national crisis.
We are trying our best to make it easier for people who can’t go to work due to the lockdown.

We also made a list of the Heroes of ’71, our freedom fighters & the reliefs would be sent to their respective homes soon.

It is upon us to act the best of ourselves by staying home & helping people around us to stay home as much as possible.

Though COVID-19 has caused a pandemic condition, yet it can be easily prevented by following some simple steps-

✔Maintain social distancing as much as possible

✔ Avoid any places with mass gathering

✔Stay Home

✔Help & encourage others to stay home

✔Frequent hand washing (for atleast 20 consecutive seconds)

✔Prohibit touching your own faces

✔Maintaining basic etiquette during sneezing or coughing

✔Boosting our immune system with healthy eating habits & Regular exercise

✔Vit-C supplements

✔Regular Exercises to keep both our mind & health sound.

✔Look out for Signs or Symptoms.

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