About Khaled Mosharraf

Sector Commander of K Force

Khaled Mosharraf, Bir Uttam was a Bangladeshi Military Officer who played a heroic role in the Bangladesh Liberation War.

Khaled Mosharraf, Bir Uttom  (born 9 November 1937 – died 7 November 1975) was a Bangladeshi military officer who played a heroic role in the Bangladesh Liberation war. He was arguably the most valiant of the military leaders of Bangladesh War of Independence. Khaled was the Sector Commander of Bangladesh Forces Sector 2 and K Force (Bangladesh) Brigade Commander during the Bangladesh War of Independence. He fought heroically for Bangladesh’s independence and was wounded in front line combat against the Pakistan Army. Under his command K-Force played a crucial role in the unconditional surrender of the Pakistani Army on 16th December 1971. On 23rd October, while commanding an operation of the K-Force, Khaled Mosharraf was mortally wounded by enemy fire and required a long period of recovery. Although he suffered a bullet injury, he recovered and remained in command of Bangladesh Forces Sector 2. He is best known as an exceptional combatant who had planned and carried out guerrilla warfare from deep within the jungles of Melaghar. More than thirty five thousand guerilla fighters fought under Khaled’s command in sector 2. Following independence, he was raised to the rank of Major General– the highest rank in the army at that time –and appointed Chief of Army Staff. He was awarded Bir Uttam for his gallantry actions during the war. Mosharraf led 3 November 1975 Bangladesh coup d’état against the Mushtaq Administration who had conspired and seized power in Bangladesh in 1975 post the assassination of Bangladesh President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, but during the military uprising on 7 November, he was himself overthrown and assassinated.

Khaled Mosharraf in 1971

After the 25th of February, 1971, the Pakistan Army occupied the capital, Dhaka, and the rest of the country and carried out brutal 1971 Bangladesh Genocide. Major Mosharraf was appointed commanding officer of the 4th battalion of East Bengal Regiment in Comilla Cantonment on 24 March 1971. Of all three Brigade Commanders Khaled Mosharraf was the one who most accurately assessed the psychological aspect of the war. Khaled decided to adopt a two-pronged, mutually reinforcing strategy to fight Pakistan Army and he was successful on both counts. He led his brigade in mutiny following the declaration of independence on behalf of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman 26 March 1971

Khaled Mosharraf adorned with Major General rank badge

Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad praised those derailed military officials (killers of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman) calling them shurjo shontan (sons of the sun). These disgruntled officers who killed Sheikh Mujibur Rahman captured the Bangabhaban (president’s official residence) and started dictating the President, causing extreme chaos in barely four year old Nation. Khaled Mosharraf who was the Chief of General staff of Bangladesh Army had asked Ziaur Rahman for the chain of command in Bangladesh Army to be restored which had been rudely interrupted 15 August. But the Chief of Army Staff (Bangladesh) General Ziaur Rahman, did not display the slightest ability or intention or both to act against the killers.


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